Knytt Stories Custom Content Archive

Over the years the community of then Nifflas' Support Forum is there, a lot of Knytt Stories custom content and level editing resources was lost.
So in 2015 I decided to make the archive of most of the available content up to date to support the future level creators.

Until recently I was using various file sharing services, but now I finally managed to put things in one place. However this site is still in construction. New features may be coming soon.

Please note: Directory structure of this site may be changed any time, all url links to files are subject to change.

Official thread on Nifflas's Support Forum:

2015 version

Online directory structure: archive_2015

Original archive download: files\

2020 version

Online directory structure: archive_2020

Original archive download: files\

2021-03 alpha

Online directory structure: sourcedata\comhon_2021

Offline viewer: files\